Residential Rehabilitation Programs

The Erie Redevelopment Authority orchestrates the rehabilitation of owner occupied dwellings for low to moderate income owners in designated areas of the city. Housing rehabilitation can range from small projects ie; painting and window replacement, to larger scale projects involving plumbing and electrical upgrading, roofing, or the remediation of other building code and safety issues.  Rehabilitation of existing homes provides critical assistance to families in need, while also stabilizing housing stock in critical neighborhoods. Individual housing rehabilitation is also an important part of neighborhood revitalization strategies, such as the Central City Neighborhood Revitalization project, where numerous existing homes will be repaired and renovated.

Housing renovation and rehabilitation work can be categorized as follows:

  • Lead Hazard Reduction:  The purpose of this funding is to reduce instances of lead poisoning in children.  ERA provides grant funding for the reduction of lead hazards throughout the entire County of Erie.  Homeowner or tenant occupants must be low to moderate income, and there must be a resident child under the age of 6.  If there is no resident child, exceptions may be made for dwellings in which a non resident child under 6 spends a considerable amount of time in the home. Lead hazard reduction activities may include window replacement, painting of the interior and exterior, replacement of flooring and interior / exterior doors.   Also included may be the treatment of lead contaminated soil. 
  • General Rehabilitation: ERA provides grants and loans to income-qualified homeowners to repair basic building systems such as roofs, electrical, plumbing, and to remediate lead-based paint hazards.  General housing rehabilitation is targeted to the Community Development Impact Area, as defined by the City of Erie. Generally, that area is bounded by the north side of 26th Street, North to the bayfront, and Cranberry or Raspberry Street east to the city line.ERA performs some work on rental properties, mostly limited to lead hazard control and handicap accessibility work. Depending on funding, general rehabilitation assistance may be available for the second unit of owner-occupied duplexes, rental units operated by social services entities providing targeted programs, and upper floor renovation of mixed-use buildings in the downtown target area.
  • Handicap Accessibility: Grant funding is available to modify homes and apartments to meet the needs of the physically disabled. Projects include ramp construction, bathroom and kitchen modification, and other work necessary to allow disabled persons to enjoy greater use of their homes.

Applications are currently being accepted for the following programs:

  • Lead Hazard Reduction for owner and tenant occupied properties throughout Erie County
  • General Rehabilitation (Bayfront to the north side of 26th Street, Raspberry or Cranberry to East Erie border)
  • Accessibility Projects for qualified individuals in the city of Erie.


Applications can be downloaded, completed, and mailed via US mail for processing.