Properties for Sale  

The Erie Redevelopment Authority owns vacant lots throughout the city which may be sold to individuals or agencies, provided that the end use meets a national objective established by the Department of Housing and Urban Development; for example - elimination of blight, job creation, or providing housing / other benefit to low to moderate income individuals and families.

From time to time, ERA may also acquire blighted properties which have the potential to be rehibilitated into livable dwellings.  These "fixer uppers" can be sold to individuals who can demonstrate that they have the ability and the financial means to convert a blighted house into a code compliant, attractive, safe and comfortable place to live. 

Proposals will be reviewed within 30 days of being received. The decision to sell vacant lots and fixer uppers are typically made by committee and approved by the Executive Director. Individuals or agencies interested in submitting a proposal are advised to perform a title search on the property, as properties are transferred to buyers via quit claim deed.

Many of the Authority's lots are also available for adoption - allowing individuals, groups, and businesses the opportunity to garden, enjoy green space, and help beautify a neighborhood.