About Us

The Erie Redevelopment Authority is chartered pursuant to the Pennsylvania Urban Redevelopment Law of 1945, (35 P.S. § 1701 et seq., as amended) and City of Erie Ordinance Number 82 of 1955.

  • Renew. Stabilize, preserve, and update our built environment.
  • Rebuild. New construction must replace the lost and irreparable.
  • Revitalize. Fill renewed and rebuilt spaces with productive activity.

The Erie Redevelopment Authority Board and Staff understands the magnitude of our responsibility and commits to:

  • Put the Erie community's interests first at all times. We must consistently and relentlessly pursue our mission, avoiding politicizing our work or catering to narrow, special interests.
  • Earn the community's trust by adhering to high standards of ethical behavior and fiscal responsibility.
  • Involve the public in planning and project development, taking all perspectives seriously without stagnation or dilution simply for the sake of consensus.
  • Coordinate our efforts with other economic development organizations, government, and community agencies.
  • Cooperate and assist community and faith-based development organizations
  • Provide a high level of service for those utilizing our programs.