The Redevelopment authority of the city of erie

The Redevelopment Authority of the City of Erie's mission is to Renew, Rebuild, and Revitalize the City of Erie, Pennsylvania.  Since 1955, RACE has been involved with, and will continue to be a part of, initiatives and programs designed to improve Downtown Erie, neighborhood business districts, and residential neighborhoods.

What does the Redevelopment authority do?

  • Housing rehabilitation
  • Lead remediation
  • Blight mitigation
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Programs & Initiatives

The Redevelopment Authority's programs and initiatives invest in Erie to make our homes and communities safer, stronger, and more valuable.

Housing Rehab

Rehabilitation of occupied dwellings in Erie County to ensure resident health and safety, weather-tightness of homes, structural integrity, and functionality of essential utilities.

ARP Healthy Homes

Focused on alleviating housing-related health hazards in a coordinated fashion, rather than a single hazard at a time. Open to qualifying (income-based) and non-qualifying census (COVID impact-based) tracts.

Lead Hazard Control

Solely dedicated to reducing and/or eliminating lead hazards in homes with qualifying children in Erie County. Children under 5 exposed to high lead levels incur a greater risk of lead poisoning.

Blight Mitigation

As prescribed by Pennsylvania's Urban Redevelopment Law (URA), RACE has significant powers for the acquisition, management, and disposition of blighted properties.

East Bayfront Greenway
Trail Project

A core blight remediation and community organizing strategy that will have a direct impact on not only one of the most challenged areas in the City but eventually for the City at large.

Historic Building
Improvement Grant

Provides up to $15,000 toward exterior improvements for historic buildings, aimed at preserving the City of Erie's architectural heritage and our collective civic pride and sense of place.