Vacant Lots for Sale

The Erie Redevelopment Authority owns vacant lots throughout the city which may be sold to individuals or agencies, provided that the end use meets a national objective established by the Department of Housing and Urban Development; for example - elimination of blight, job creation, or providing housing / other benefit to low to moderate income individuals and families.

Proposals will be reviewed within 30 days of being received. The decision to sell vacant lots and fixer uppers are typically made by committee and approved by the Executive Director. Individuals or agencies interested in submitting a proposal are advised to perform a title search on the property, as properties are transferred to buyers via quit claim deed.

All parties interested in purchasing a vacant lot or lots are invited to submit a proposal in letter form which includes the following information:

  • Name, address, phone number of purchaser
  • Reason for purchase (ie; property extension, green space, investment, resale, new construction, rehabilitation to occupy or rent)
  • Amount offered for property
  • Proposed end use of property
  • Proof of funds available to close
  • Proof of funds available to perform any improvements
  • Zoning compliance 
To purchase fixer uppers, the ERA office has a Proposal Form that can be obtained by calling

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