ERA Contractor Requirements
Contractors participating in ERA's housing rehabilitation and lead hazard control programs must be pre-approved and maintain compliance with the minimum requirements and certifications identified below. Additionally, contractor's must not be prohibited (debarred) from entering into contracts funded with federal, state, or local funds.
  •  Possess "tools of the trade" which include basic construction tools and one or more vehicles suitable for transporting materials/tools and accessing project work sites.
  • Be familiar with and have access to modern communication tools (computer, email, telephone, etc.)
  • Have a thorough knowledge of and ability to apply construction industry standards/methodologies and municipal building codes.
  • Provide verification of adequate financial resources to meet obligations.
  • Demonstrate an acceptable record of past performance on comparable residential rehabilitation projects.
  • Maintain current registration as a Pennsylvania Home Improvement Contractor
  • Maintain compliance with PA Department of Labor & Industry Lead Certification requirements, including
                    - Lead Contractor Certification;
                    - Employment of at least one Certified Lead Supervisor; 
                    - Lead Worker Certifications for all individuals working on ERA projects.
  • Maintain compliance with US Environmental Protection Agency RRP  (Repair, Renovate, and Paint) requirements - at least one employee of each contractor should have RRP certification.
  • Obtain and maintain Commercial General Liability insurance coverage in an amount not less than $1,000,000.  (Certificate of Insurance - with 30-day cancellation notice provision - to be provided and kept current with ERA.)
  • Obtain and maintain statutory minimum levels of Workmen's Compensation insurance.


 For more information on trainings or becoming a pre-qualified contractor, contact Aaron Snippert at 814.870.1540.